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Christian Action and Adventure for All Ages
I thought this book might appeal only to a teenager but I really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to read the second book by the same author.

I believe this author is filling a much-needed niche that hasn't been filled -- that of Christian teen action-adventure. It's not one of those typical teen Christian fiction romance novels. In fact it's not about romance at all. It's about a teen boy who finds out he has a guardian angel and becomes a champion for God. His friend is making poor decisions and he and his guardian angel help his friend out of the troubles he has gotten into. There is a girl who is the go-to person for answering Biblical questions, which help him to earn the armor of God.

I'm not as eloquent as the author at explaining all of this stuff, but I'm not an author, so that's expected. LOL. Anyway, it's a great book and I would recommend it for your middle to high school teens. I think boys would like it as much as girls because it has fantasy, action adventure, school, battles with armor and good and evil, and more.

Of course, it's only fantasy if you don't believe angels exist, so I guess maybe it's not fantasy at all! :)

The cover art is beautiful! The details on the front and back are unbelievable! The artist did a wonderful job of depicting the armor of God, the sword, boots, shield, etc.

I'm going to be looking for this author to make an impact in the lives of Christian teens. The book is full of scripture quotes and shows teens making tough choices. -- Nannette Thacker

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