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Light Bearers: New Creations (Volume 2)
   The end is finally coming.
For real this time.
This is it.
No take threes.
Decisions must be made. And whatever they decide will determine their fate forever.

Jeremiah, or Momo, as his friends insist on calling him, changed his future. Now he's living in the last days. But even though things are different in these final days, it's still not easy.

Joel has been hearing some things from the prisoner on death row. Things he's not sure whether he believes. But when he meets a girl who can't hear anything, he has to make a decision. A decision that might change his life forever.

The Traveler feels like she's been on the move forever. But until the end comes, she has to keep spreading the light to those still in darkness. If she's not doing that, what's the point in living?

Lessons: Learn the importance of having a personal prayer life, studying the Bible for yourself, and the incredible truths about God's plans for us. It may not be what you think.

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