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Angel Chronicles Reader Questions
1. When Conner found out he had been chosen to be part of the elite group of Undercover Angels he was excited. How would you react if your angel suddenly appeared and told you the same thing?

2. Sarah was pretty upset when Conner was selected to be a UA and she was not. How would you feel if your best friend was given a special position and you were not? How would you react?

3. William takes Conner and Sarah to see several Bible stories up close. If you could see any Bible story event which one would you want to see?

4. The story of creation is a grand and beautiful story of God's love. Why do you think God made each thing in the order He did during creation? If you could create anything from nothing like God did, what would you create?

5. If you had the Belt of Truth and could hear anyone's thoughts would you use the belt to help yourself or to help others? How could you use it to help others?

6. Conner and Sarah both thought the other had hurt them because of Adrian. If you were in the same situation how do you think you could have made the other believe it wasn't true? Have you ever been in a situation where you thought someone did something wrong and later found out it wasn't them? How did you handle it and how could you have handled it better?

7. Because of Sarah's jealousy she let Adrian's lies fool her into thinking she was the UA and Conner was part of Satan's Destructive Force. Have you ever let your jealousy fool you into thinking what you were doing was right? In the future how could you prevent that from happening?

8. To help him get good grades so he could raise the money for the convention Connor used the Helmet of Salvation to help him remember things. Why do you think Sarah got so mad at him? Do you think it was wrong for him to use it, and why?

9. With each piece of armor Conner gained a new ability such as walking on water and flying. What piece of armor would you want? What could you do with it to help others?

10. In the Bible David killed a man to hide his sin. Can you really hide your sins? Why or why not? If God knows everything can you really hide anything from Him?

11. Sarah and Conner were both hurt in different ways with the loss of Rafe. Have you ever lost anyone? How did you deal with it? How could you have dealt with it? What could Conner have done differently to deal with his anger over the loss?

12. Though Rafe hurt a lot of people during his time as Loki, in the end he realized he was wrong and sought forgiveness. Do you think God forgave him? Why or why not? 

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