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Malachi's Battle Reader Questions
1. Discuss how Malachi has changed throughout the book, starting with how he was at the start and how he has become by the end.

2. Malachi and Van have had a pretty long relationship that has changed over time. Have you ever had a childhood friend change the way they treated you? In Malachi's situation with Van how would you have handled the change in the relationship?

3. Malachi was disbelieving at first about the whole Undercover Angel thing. How would you have reacted? What do you think God's qualifications might be for you to become a UA?

4. The first piece of armor Malachi received after the sword was the Shield of Faith. If you were a UA what piece of armor do you think you would get next based off of the different characteristics associated with each piece?

5. Malachi hates pastors because of what happened to his father. Is it right to hate a group of people because of a bad experience with one? Why or why not?

6. Rosaline has some pretty annoying brothers who are constantly getting in her way but she soon learns it’s just because they love her. If you have any siblings, how can you be nicer to them today and show them you care?

7. Malachi learned a lot about angels. Who are angels and what is their purpose?

8. Quite a few times Malachi lost his focus on God and his faith that He is stronger than Satan. How could Malachi have prevented this? Do you think God was mad at him for the times he messed up, why or why not?

9. During his time as a UA Malachi had to do a lot of studying of God's Word in order to grow in his strength as a UA. Why do you think this was important? Should we also as warriors for God strive to read the Bible too?

10. Malachi learned what the Bible says about hell. Did your perception of hell change based on the Bible lessons in the book?

11. At summer camp Patience retold the story of Jonah and the whale. How could you retell other stories from the Bible that might get people interested so they'd want to read the original?

12. Thought he faltered a few times, Malachi never gave up on Van. If put in the same situation would you be able to do the same, why or why not?

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