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Force Three Season One Reader Questions

1. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says that God will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can handle. What do you think that means? How does it make you feel?

2. If you were an angel tasked with helping a human become a better Undercover Angel what would you tell them to do first? Second? How would you help them when they faced troubles both spiritually and physically?

3. If you could fight demons what type of weapon would you use? As the sword represents the Bible how would you make your weapon stronger so as to fight against your foes?

4. Cassie was jealous of her friend Mina. Have you ever been jealous of a friend? Were you able to get over your jealousy, if so how? If not, how could you conquer it like Cassie conquered hers?

5. If you and your best friends were both called to be a UA team do you think you'd work well together? If not, how do you think you could build your strength together as a team?

6. Mina wasn't happy when Darien joined the team. Have you ever had someone join a group that you didn't like? How did you handle it? After seeing the way Mina reacted how should you have handled it?

7. Zane and Riley were part of the Destruction Force and gave Mina and her friends a hard time. Have you ever had anyone fight with you or cause you trouble like they did? What should you or could you have done? What would God want you to do?

8. For Mina and her friends demons appear in many shapes and sizes, just like sin. When confronted with temptations big and small how should you treat them? What should you do in order to help you conquer them?

9. The demons in this story reflected the seven deadly sins. What are they and what are some ways you could avoid them? If struggling with them how should you conquer them?

10. Mina and the girls had to put their faith in God a lot, especially since they did not always understand why He did things. Have you ever been in a situation where you did not understand why God had put you there? How can you build your faith in God?

11. In Episode 6 the girls slack in their duties as UAs. How could they have prevented this? How can you prevent slipping back into your old ways?

12. Kronos is a pretty goofy demon but demons in real life mean business. Should you be scared of demons, why or why not? God is more powerful than Satan and all his demons combined. How does that make you feel? When you are scared what can you do?

13. Darien at one point did not like following God because of all the rules. Have you ever felt that way? Like Darien we must remember that God has set up rules for a reason. What are those reasons and how can you remember that?

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