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Force Three Season Two Reader Questions

1. How have Mina and her friends grown since they first received the Armor of God? What have they done in order to do so? How can you grow in your walk with God?

2. In this story Mina and the gang learned about the seven virtues. What are they? Look up Galatians 5:22-23 to read about the fruits of the spirit. How are they similar to the virtues? What do you think you need to do in order to obtain the gifts of the spirit?

3. God says He will forgive our sins, 1 John 1:9 and as Riley learned, He loves you no matter what. Have you ever felt unloved? God loves you. How has He shown His love for you? If you're not sure, look at the sacrifice of His Son for you, John 19. If you need further proof you can ask God to be with you and show you His love.

4. In the story Mina was looking for something she could do for God using the talents He had given her. What talents has God given you and how can you use them to lead others to Him?

5. As part of the Destruction Force, Riley and Zane did not realize they were chained to their sins of anger and pride. Pray about it. Do you have any sins that you might be chained to and not realize? Like Zane and Riley you need help to defeat the sin and remove the chain. What can you do to do this? Can you do it on your own? Why or why not?

6. Samuel had a problem with lust, a problem many youths face today. What lessons did you learn about this sin and how to conquer it? If you are facing this sin or know of someone who is, how can you help them?

7. Aron is a goofy angel. What do you think your angel acts like? Looks like? If you could meet your angel today what would you tell or ask him?

8. As leader of the UAs, Mina stumbled a few times in her walk but God still allowed her to remain in her position. What do you think this tells us about Him? How does this knowledge affect you in your walk with Him?

9. Together with Riley and a few other boys Samuel started a support group for his sin and theirs. Learning from him, what things can you do to help you in conquering your vices and help you remain strong in your walk?

10. At the very end Mina and her friends are able to get Riley to the side of God but Zane is still clinging to the side of Satan. How do you think they will continue to work to help him? What can they do? What would you do?

11. At Darien's new job she met new people who she might have witnessed to through her actions. Why did she quit? Do you think it was better for her to stay or go? Do you think it made her a better witness by leaving? Why or why not? How can you be a witness in your life today?

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