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Elemental Blades Book One: Water Reader Questions

1. Prayer Warriors provide support for their Undercover Angels. How can you, as a PW for God, provide support to your fellow warriors?

2. Ace learned that reading his Bible was more important than learning to fight. Why was this?

3. The PWs learned that there are different kinds of prayer. What are they and how do you go about using them?

4. As warriors for God we can either help or hinder our fellow fighters as Ace and Ice learned. How can we go about being a help to them?

5. Prayer is both an important part of being a PW and a UA. How can you make prayer a part of your daily routine? How does it connect you with God?

6. Ice had trouble admitting he needed help, especially from God. Why was this the wrong opinion to have?

7. Ace and the others found out that Mel had a past secret which was keeping Mel from God. Do you think this was a right assumption for Mel to have? God loves you and no matter what will always love you. How does that make you feel?

8. Each of the PWs has a specialty when fighting demons. If you were a PW like them, fighting demons with swords and bows, what kind of demon warrior would you be? Would your specialty be trapping demons, reaching the heart of those the demon is feeding off, or dealing the final blow to defeat the demon? What weapons would you want to use?

9. Ace had the opportunity to help Flowers with fighting a demon. In the battle he freed a man from his demon. How can you help others who might be dealing with their own demons?

10. The PWs and UAs at a point let their relationships and daily tasks distract them from their study of God's word and their relationship with Him. How can things in your life distract you from Him and what can you do in order that it doesn't happen?

11. Ace and friends fought Satan and were scared by the power they believed he held. But as they learned, Satan is not as powerful as God. How does this make you feel? What does this knowledge mean for you in your life?

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