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Elemental Blades Book Two: Vines Reader Questions

1. At the UA/PW tournament the group learned where their true power comes from, God. God grants you power as well. What does He want you to do with this power?

2. In the Self-assessment Zone the UAs and PWs learned that they each have flaws that even as warriors for God they still struggle with. Mel did not want to go into the SaZ due to her not wanting to face her inner demons. Facing your flaws can be hard but God can help you. What do you think your flaws are and how can you go about getting rid of them?

3. Flowers and Ice learned that their relationship with each other could be keeping them from their relationship with God. Do you have any relationships that could be keeping you away from God whether with friends or objects? What choices can you make and what choices should you make?

4. Rye learned that he could be a little controlling with projects and his partner learned that he wasn't giving it his all in his work. How can these things be dangerous and what would God want you to do?

5. The PWs learned that your prayers are only as limited as you make them and that God can do anything if you just believe. What things in your life today are you struggling with that you don't think He can answer? Give your worries to Him and He will take care of them.

6. Faith is an important part of having a relationship with God. How can you build your faith in Him? What is faith?

7. This time around Ace and the others were made to take the fight to the demons. What did this mean and how can you take down demon's and their strongholds?

8. Ace learned that to be a good PW he needed to form a relationship with Christ, like that as a friend. How can you make Christ your friend? As a friend He is always there for you. How does that make you feel?

9. Because of his feelings for Mel, Ace ended up getting in the way so that Flowers got hurt. How can our relationships with others help or hinder their walk with Christ? How can it affect our walk?

10. As warriors for God we should not let Satan have a foothold in our lives. To do this we must let God work in our lives to change them. How can we go about doing this?

11. West's sister Win had trouble making the best decisions. How did West go about dealing with this? How do you think he should have? In the end God's love shining through us is the only way to reach others. How can you become more reflective of Christ so others might see Him?

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