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Elemental Blades Book Three: Inferno Reader Questions

1. Ace and Rye lost their roles as PWs. Though Ace did not understand it at that time he was still a warrior for God even without the armor. How can you as warriors for God fight for Him?

 2. In college, Ace met all kinds of people with different beliefs and ideas about God. How can you keep yourself from becoming jaded like others and keep your relationship with Christ strong while still being a witness for Him?

 3. Ace learned that everyone is at different stages in their walk with Christ. What does this mean and how should this affect your relationship with others?

 4. While Rye took his loss of PW status in stride, Ace let it get him down. When things happen in your life that you don't think are fair how do you respond? How should you respond? Remember that God always has a plan and in everything He will make it work out best for you.

 5. At college Ace felt like he was alone in his walk with Christ. Do you ever feel that way? How can you go about finding others with which to share your passion for Him and help you not feel so alone?

 6. For a time Ice had trouble accepting his role as leader. In Christ's mission to bring others to Him everyone has their own role. What role do you think you have and how can you go about using it to bring others to Him?

 7. After Ace helped Mel with her duties as UA he learned that though he was not a PW anymore he had become a Prayer Person. You are also Prayer People and can use your prayers to help strengthen others. Knowing this, how can you use your special power today to help others?

 8. Presumptuous prayer can be dangerous but praying in faith is completely different. As you build your relationship with Christ you can grow in your prayer walk with Him so that your prayers are more in sync with His will. How can you grow your walk?

 9. Ace caught up with an old classmate he'd once helped as a PW. In your daily life you may come into contact with those whose lives you can change for the good or the bad. How should this affect your actions? How can you change your life and yourself so that you can always be a positive influence on people?

 10. Compare how Ace and the others are now to how they were in the first two books. How have they grown and what changes do you see in them now?

 11. In the parable of the sower what did each outcome of the seeds represent? Which seed do you think you might be? Which seed does God want you to be?

 12. With God in your life you have nothing to worry about, as Ace learned. How does this make you feel?

 13. At college Ace started up a Bible study group. How can you work to build up interest in Christ at your school or work? Pray that God might guide you in the work He would have you to do to bring others to Him.

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