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Angel Down

1. Though A.J. just wanted to be Liam’s friend, the older boy disliked him. Why do you think Liam hated A.J.?

2. Liam’s sister, Abbey, looked up to him and thought he could do no wrong. How can we as older and younger siblings be good examples to our siblings?

3. How does it make you feel to know you can have a relationship with the Holy Spirit and Jesus? How do you build a relationship with them?

4. Malik went through several types of illustrations for things the Holy Spirit does in the plan of salvation. What are some of the things He does?

5. In the story of the footprints in the sand there were more than just footprints in the sand. Do you have a similar control issue as did Liam? What can you do to give yourself completely to God?

6. What are some ways as a warrior for God that you can serve God other than fighting demons, as learned from Orion’s time as a UA?

7. At one point in the story, Liam thought he needed to get rid of A.J. in order for him to get the praise he felt he deserved. What should he have done with those feelings?

8. Malik taught that you can’t be an effective Christian for Jesus unless you have the Spirit. How do you get the Spirit?

9. How important is it for us to forgive others? In what ways can it hurt us not to?

10. After Liam’s mistake, he thought it was all over for him as a Christian, but God took him back. What does this tell you about God and how He will treat you when you fall?

11. Why did Liam fail the first time when he tried to be a warrior for God?

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